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The wonder of polarized lenses - Revo Sunglasses

Ever since the big bang theory followed by evolution of humans on the planet Earth, it has always been about surviving in extreme conditions. Even today, after millions and billions of years and such an extended human race development, we still need to protect ourselves from harsh effects of nature. One of such effects is the harmful UVA/B/C rays from the Sun. UV rays are the hurtful ultra-violet rays that reach earth directly from the Sun. Though UV rays are invisible to human eyes yet its aftereffects are quite evident in the form of skin tans, sunburns and skin cancer. They are equally hazardous for eyes too. Over exposure to direct UV rays can cause cataracts, pterygium, and pinguecula formation in the eyes.

The risk of damage to the eyes accelerates rapidly if you are an athlete, a sportsperson or an adventurer. Many brands have understood this crisis and came up with innovative idea of polarized sunglasses. The polarized sunglasses are acquainted with polarized lenses, which cuts-off UVA/UVB rays and hence protects the eyes.

Revo is one such brand that is solely dedicated into bringing up different sunglasses for every profession and every occasion. Revo Highsize Large RE4049-02 Sunglasses is one of the most magnificent pairs designed by Revo Sunglasses. It can be adorned during several activities including, water sports, golfing or any other commotion. The polycarbonate lenses provide 100% UV rays protection to your eyes.
Not only these hi-tech features but Revo Sunglasses is known for its stylish appeal aswell. Revo Discrem Titanium RE8000-02 Sunglasses with Polarized Graphite lenses is a wide framed sunglass that can be flaunted by both the genders. Key feature is its Prescriptions lenses that let you have an appropriate vision with style. Revo Highsize Large RE4049-05 Sunglasses are just perfect for the adventurer soul. Its anti-reflective veneer keeps the sharp light off the lens from the immediate environment. Serilium polycarbonate bronze colored lenses trapped within lightweight nylon frames will suit any face. To add to it more, it provides total protection against UV/A/B/C rays.

Whether you are a traveller or a swimmer, or just a random biker, Revo sunglasses has it for you. Its huge range has in store the males, females and unisex sunglasses with all the traits imperative for protecting your eyes. Massive assortments of designer Revo Sunglasses are available with extreme ease, online. One can explore through to find the best pair of polarized Revo Sunglasses at the best possible deal.

Several uses of range Finders

Adventure sports are catching attention of many people in recent times. These sports are an outdoor activity that can be enjoyed as well as give valuable learning experience to the people. But while you are on such expeditions, it is very important that you must pay required attention towards your safety and protection. For the same concern, there are many equipment and tools available. One of these tools is range finders. These are special devices that help you in measuring distance from the instrument to a specific target or point. In fact, these tools can measure numerous meters accurately.
While you have gone for an adventurous tour outdoor, a GPS range finder will help you in finding your directions and tell you where you are currently located as well as where you have to move further. These tools are extremely useful in other sports also like hunting and golf. A golf range finder provides clearer view to the golfer which helps him/her in making the right shot. Besides, these tools are used for surveying in forests as well.
The usage of these tools is not limited only to adventures activities rather these are greatly used for military operations. The military or other law enforcement gunmen use it to estimate the distance of the target to set up the accurate shot and note down the troop movements. These tools are mainly mounted over military vehicles and aircrafts. Usually, during such operations laser range finder is used. These devices use a laser beam to determine the distance to the target.  
Additionally, range finder is important equipment for a photographer too. While shooting, it lets the photographer calculate accurate subject distance and helps in taking a picture in sharp focus. The cameras earlier were not equipped with this tool. But today, almost all modern cameras come with inbuilt rangefinders.
As a matter of fact, the entertainment industry also uses these products to scan objects and create 3d effects. The exact distance measurement taken by these tools are converted into comprehensive representations in virtual reality. These tools are even used by scientists to measure an object in the space like the moon.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Watch Objects Closely Through High Quality Binoculars

Ever came across a situation where you are surrounded with beautiful creatures or just nature in general? Many a times you must have want to view something from close but could not as its too far. If yes, then all you need to equip yourself with is a new pair of binoculars. Binoculars enable you to watch any distant object clearly as though you are watching it with bare eyes. Usually, you need to hold it from both the hands and watch the world through your eyes.
However, there are many things to be taken into account before finally buying a pair of binoculars. Firstly, be clear on the reason why you need them. Is it because of the fact that you are a travel enthusiast or are you in military services? They are most oftenly used for hunting, bird watching, stargazing and horse riding. At some places, appropriate clarity and strength of binoculars are required essentially.

Secondly, whenever you go shopping, there would be binoculars with wide range of numbers to choose from according to your requirement and need. Usually, the first set of numbers come with an X written, for example, n X 50. The first digit signifies the set of magnification factor or in other words, the image would be enlarged 'n' number of times than what it originally is.

Thirdly, take into account the width or the aperture of the lens that would collect the light in the end. Basically, higher the number, brighter your image would look through binoculars. This would benefit you immensely in cases where you want to look at the stars in low-light scenario.

You can easily buy binoculars  at competitive prices from either on-line stores or from a good, reputed company's showroom. They are available at bargain rates of low quality especially made for recreational purposes for kids and adventure enthusiasts. So, the bottom line is that its about the purpose you require a binocular for. People associated with astronomy and aerospace, require high quality binoculars and hence need to do in depth research before purchasing binoculars for themselves.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Waking up and getting ready for your office or regular routine makes us dull. Doing the same job every day fades away the excitement but planning out something different for specific time can turn out your day into really interesting one. These adventurous acts are not only for fun but also helps in giving relaxation of mind and body. There are plenty of acts that one can perform while he/she is on outing. In earlier days, kings and emperors usually do hunting and adventurous activities to get rid of boring routine. Experience of camping is great as there is not limitation in it. One has to think beyond weather conditions and environment while hanging out.

There are plenty of materials that are needed for outing like Blowguns, Range Finders and Hiking & Camping Equipment. All these articles have their own benefit, as they are needed frequently while performing adventurous activities. The existences of these items are from many decades, when people used to depend on hunting. They need to do rock climbing every time to get themselves away from natural calamities and to be safe. Blowgun is one such item that is being used by large number of people while going out for hunting. It is designed by experts that has extremely sharp tip that paralyzes the target at first hit. Earlier this device was being used by tribes of many regions across the world. One can use blowguns recreationally, with either darts or paintballs fix in it. Additionally, Range Finders camera is also one the most important part of outing. While hunting for some target or searching for some place at the time of rock climbing, hiking and camping one need these range of cameras, which show the exact path and target point with clearest picture. It mechanism of focusing is designed by experts.
Hiking and Camping  are the most thrilling activity that people prefer. It refreshes mind and provide the real sense of outing. Now-a-days climbing and hiking are popular as well as professional too. People across the world love to get the experience of hiking and camping in different and hidden part of world. They love discovering places and to spend time over there. Hiking and camping in difficult places need specially designed equipments. These equipments are being designed by skilled people that include each and every thing that is being needed by hikers and climbers. Food, first-aid tools and many more items are comprised in it.

These adventures activities help us to gain a beautiful and unique experience of nature.

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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Cold Steel VDCSC Challenge DVD

Cold Steel VDCSC Challenge DVD

What is the Cold Steel Challenge? It is a celebration of the warrior lifestyle. It’s a place where our friends and customers got together to fight in a controlled, respectful, friendly environment. Where they demonstrated their hard won fighting skills, with knives and swords. There were also throwing events where contestants displayed their skills throwing our spears, shovels, tomahawks, and throwing knives.

We tried to create an event where everyone can come and participate, to see how well they stack up compared to their peers, and to hone their skills.

This three DVD set is a documentary recording of the Cold Steel Challenges from 2004 to 2007. Cold Steel President, Lynn C. Thompson introduces each DVD with a general overview of the proceedings, followed by the up close, and personal view of the events that only a camera can record.

Cold Steel VDFM The Fighting Machete DVD
Machetes are some of the most common and useful tools in the world. They are used on ranches, farms and orchards or wherever thick brush or dense jungle abound, their long wide blades get the job done. But the Machete is more than just a tool. In a self defense emergency, it can also double as a big knife, or short sword capable of cutting, slashing, smashing or piercing just about anything in its path. In this instructional DVD series, Lynn Thompson teaches you how to harness the full self defense potential of these versatile blades.
Here are some of the topics covered:

    * Advantages and Disadvantages of the Machete as a Weapon
    * How to Choose a Machete, Sharpen it, and Customize it
    * How to Grip your Machete and Carry and Conceal it
    * Multiple On-Guard Stances and Common Faults to Avoid
    * Footwork - Over 26 Footwork Techniques are Taught!
    * Seven Methods of Employing the Point of your Machete - Including Reverse Grip Methods
    * 13 Methods of Employing the Razor Edge of your Machete
    * Hitting, Smashing, and Hammering Utilizing the Flat of the Blade and Spine of your Machete
    * Defensive Tactics Utilizing Footwork and Avoidance Patterns
    * 13 Ways to use your Machete to Block or Parry Incoming Attacks
    * Defeating Disarm Attempts
    * Defeating the Charge on Take-Down Attempts
    * Fighting from the Standing Grapple (Clinch)
    * How to Create and Identify an Opening in an Opponent's Defense
    * And Much Much More

Cold Steel VDFS The Fighting Sarong DVD Ron Balicki
Ron Balicki will take you through a comprehensive look at the Indonesian and Filipino art of "The Fighting Sarong". To date this art is relatively unknown to the world. Ron has trained in Sarong fighting for over 20 years and is sharing his vast knowledge with you today. You will learn how to use the Sarong against an attacker who comes at you with punches, kicks and grappling. Learn what to do if your opponent tries to counter you or grab onto your sarong. Ron will also teach you how to use the sarong to defend yourself against a knife. In this series you will also get a special section taught by Martial Arts legend Guro Dan Inosanto.
Section One
Empty Hand vs. Empty Hand
Section Two
The Sash Method
Section Three
The Double Weave
Section One
The Double Weave
Section Two
The Single Weave
Dan Inosanto teaching the Sarong
The Sarong vs. The Knife

Cold Steel VDFSK Self Defense with the Sjambok DVD
In addition to its use as a cattle prod, whip, and a means of self protection, the African Sjambok is also known as a formidable snake killer. Its considerable reach, lightning speed and devastating impact make child’s play of dispatching some of the biggest snakes. And you can imagine how devastatingly effective it is on two legged predators as well. A light blow can raise a serious welt while a heavy stroke can cut through thick clothing as efficiently as a razor, leaving a fearsome yet non-lethal wound.

In this new DVD, entitled Self Defense with the Sjambok, Lynn Thompson, President of Cold Steel® and Chief Instructor of our training division will teach you how to use the sjambok to defend yourself and your loved ones.
Here’s just a partial list of the subjects covered...

    * Advantages of the Sjambok as a weapon
    * Training equipment and safety
    * Gripping methods
    * Fighting stances
    * Footwork
    * One and two handed striking methods
    * Pommel strikes
    * Pushing, pulling, and hooking
    * Encircling, trapping, tripping, and uprooting
    * Smashing, choking, and sawing
    * Using footwork to avoid blows
    * Defending your weapon hand, stop hitting, counter slashing, parrying, blocking, using the empty hand
    * Defeating disarm attempts
    * Defeating the charge
    * Defeating the standing grapple
    * Strategy

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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Cold Steel Blowgu
Large caliber blowguns like our .625 Magnum™ have an effective range out to 20 yards or more. With practice, a skilled user can hit a two-inch circle at amazing distances, delivering a heavy weight dart. That's a payload easily capable of penetrating a half-inch sheet of plywood. While our standard .625 Magnum Blowguns are awesome, we decided to raise the bar even higher with our new Professional .625 models. They come with a target style mouthpiece and a 3mm thick barrel.

Cold Steel Blowguns Extension

Add this 2 Foot Extension to your .625 BIG BORE BLOWGUN to increase range and velocity of your darts.

Cold Steel Quiver Set Professional Blowgun 

Cold Steel Quiver Set Professional Blowgun

2 quivers for the Cold Steel .625 Magnum Big Bore Professional blowgun.

Cold Steel Blowgun (2 Pack)

Cold Steel Blowgun (2 Pack)

The quiver for .625 Blowgun is great for keeping those darts within easy reach. See what you have to choose from depending on your prey.